Privacy Policy

OWIT Chapters agree to provide OWIT International their individual chapter membership contact details based on the following conditions:

1) Contact details are defined as name, title, company and e‐mail address.

2) OWIT International will not distribute or make available OWIT Chapter member ship details to any third party.

3) OWIT Chapters are not authorized to use the OWIT international database for local chapter use. However this does not preclude local chapters from requesting other chapters to support each other’s initiatives.

4) OWIT International will use individual contact details provided by the chapter to load into the International OWIT website ( database.

5) OWIT International will use these contact details for communication of OWIT International benefits to members such as OWIT International newsletter, conference and webinars.

6) In order to provide OWIT International the individual chapter membership information and ensure local chapter members are in agreement with having their information shared – one of the following statements will be added to the local chapter membership applications of all new chapter members and ongoing renewal of all current chapter members.

Opt in clause:

I agree to have my contact information made available for the exclusive use of OWIT “XXX” (chapter name) and OWIT International.


Opt out clause:

Your contact details will be automatically provided to OWIT International. If you do not want your information to be shared, please check this box/click here.

7) OWIT Chapters agree to provide a minimum of X1 year, an update of their individual membership list to OWIT International.

8) Should an individual chapter or chapter member ‘misuse’ the database the OWIT Executive Committee reserves the right to take action up to and including:

Suspending or expelling a member chapter and/or revoke access to the database.

Suspending or revoking the privileges of any individual’s access to the database.

Definition of misuse includes but is not limited to:

i) Mass distribution of products/services


ii) Commercial solicitation


iii) Publish, share or sell membership information with any third party.

The OWIT International Privacy Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis.