President's Welcome

On behalf of the Organization of Women in International Trade (OWIT), I welcome you to our website where you can learn about this dynamic, global professional organization. Since 1989, OWIT has served as the central body of independently operated voluntary trade associations located around the world and united for a single mission – supporting the advancement of women in international trade and business. We fulfill our mission by facilitating relationship-building through our longstanding and growing network of members, providing affordable educational and professional development programs through our webinar series, and supporting programs and partnering with groups focused on economic empowerment of women. Although our mission is gender-oriented, our membership base is not. In fact, owing to their inclusive activities and top-notch programming, local OWIT chapters are typically the premier trade-oriented professional association in their communities – attracting both men and women to their membership ranks.

As an OWIT member for the past 10 years – first as a member of the D.C. chapter (WIIT) and then a member and past President of the Hampton Roads, Virginia chapter, I can personally attest to the value of OWIT membership. Over the past decade, I have expanded my professional network with others in my field, leveraged the OWIT network for business development, and as an OWIT leader, fine-tuned management skills that have enhanced my professional credentials. Most importantly, many of the professional relationships I formed through OWIT have evolved into personal friendships that have withstood the test of time. My experience is not unique - many OWIT members share similar positive experiences with OWIT.

Today, OWIT can be found in 26 localities in North and South America, Western Europe, and Africa. And, we continue to grow as more professionals see the value of joining their local OWIT chapter or establishing an OWIT chapter in their communities to provide networking and educational opportunities for those involved in international trade and business. If intrigued by the possibility of joining OWIT or launching a chapter, I invite you to explore the “Join Us” section of our website.

As a voluntary organization, OWIT depends on the energy and commitment of its members to remain relevant in all markets with an OWIT presence. An important ingredient to our volunteers’ success has been – and remains to be – the critical support from our sponsors. Whether monetary or in-kind, OWIT owes its continuity to our past and current sponsors who have demonstrated uncompromised commitment to OWIT’s missions by their support. If interested in how your company can support OWIT’s mission, please review the “Opportunities to Support OWIT” section of our website.

Looking for an expert on any issue related to international trade and business? OWIT is your resource.

With more than 2,000 individual members, OWIT’s global network comprises experts in all aspects of global trade and business. Through our dynamic membership database, you can find speakers, consultants and advisors for your business, or even potential business partners. The “Experts” section of the website is designed to be a useful tool to tap into the OWIT global network.

Whatever your purpose for your visit, we hope you find the information and resources you seek. If not, please contact us.

Karen L. Bland

OWIT President